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high quality coffee + exceptional service 

We merge specialty coffee, friendly service and a modern aesthetic
to help create unforgettable events.


who we are

SOMOS was founded on the belief that great coffee is the sum of many parts. Those little beans are the culmination of people across the world doing their part to create great coffee. 

Celebrating this diverse and interconnected network of people inspires and is at the heart of our coffee culture. 

In service to the collective work that precedes us, we strive to serve the highest quality coffee that ultimately brings people together. 

our founder

Our founder, Evan, has worked throughout the coffee industry from farming and roasting to working as a barista and educating coffee professionals.

Through these experiences he has developed a deep respect for coffee and the multitude of people it represents.

SOMOS is his way of making the world a little bit smaller, and happier, through great coffee. 


why we're different


authentic ROAST

We enjoy roasting coffee and proudly source and roast the coffee we serve. 


sleek cart design

Modern and minimal, we love when clients style our cart into their events. 


customized cups

Use our cups or design your own. Let's work together to make your branding vision a reality. 


happy customers

We love collaborating with our customers to bring their visions to life. 


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